A day in the life project is something that I have been contemplating for a little while now. This project did seem a little daunting though. Another photographer friend of mine who recently completed one was my inspiration. Winter school holidays is a perfect time for this project. We had no plans for our day apart from having made a promise of a milkshake at one of our local coffee shops.

The start of the day was lazy, in our pj’s playing with lego. It turns out that quite a bit of the day was spent playing lego. We head off to the local coffee shop, as promised, once we were dressed for the day. The coffee shop is lovely and quiet and we are able to spend lovely time together not distracted by devices.

We arrive home and my oldest daughter asks to do her tie dye kit she had recently received for her birthday. The setup for these art and craft activities is always more effort than the activity itself it seems. The older two had a great time putting the dye on the clothes. They are not so patient on then having to wait 24-48 hours for the clothing to be ready. After having some lunch, a rest and some other short activities, they resume playing lego and they play lego for many more hours. The day ends on a lovely note with all three in the bath, this is a great feat with them all getting so big now.

set of photography from the day in the life project from july 2018 for blogpost

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