At the start of 2017 a friend of a friend started a 52 week photography project. This project was for parents so that we made sure we captured our children once a week for the whole year. The project was very inspiring and I am pleased that I managed to keep up and get photographs every week of all 3 of my girls. Some weeks were harder than others to be creative but seeing them as a whole is pretty awesome. Below is a select few photographs from throughout the year.

I have used these photographs to make a photobook and I cannot wait for it to arrive. The girls will love looking though it, especially in years to come.

I have not decided if I will continue this into 2018 but I think I will do a personal project of some kind. Especially to do with the kids and while they still let me photograph them.

set of photographs to show for the blogpost about my personal 52 week photography project

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